third biotechnology revolution
Synthetic biology is the "third biotechnology revolution" after "DNA double helix discovery" and "Human Genome Project".
synthetic biology
Unprecedent Frontier Technologies
in the 21st Century Life Sciences
It has promoted the leap of human beings
from interpreting life to compiling life and creating life.
Promoting the process of the fifth industrial revolution
A cutting-edge new mode of production
Emerging technologies
Huge multi-field
application potential
Merging multi-disciplinary emerging technologies
Computer and
Formation Science
Material Science
Synthetic Biology
A cutting-edge production mode for multi-field applications
Helping achieve "peak carbon emissison relief and carbon emission neutralization"
synthetic biology
renewable resources
Green biological intelligence
Sustainable development
Synthetic biology mainly uses renewable resources as raw materials and has mild reaction conditions, which is in line with the concept of sustainable development.
According to estimates by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), by 2030, industrial biotechnology will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1 billion to 2.5 billion tons per year.